Time Split pan Deep Fryer GF-S

  • High performance, high recovery
  • Rugged front rail to protect operator and controls
  •  Stainless steel oil pan in 2 mm with 15 litre capacity for each pan
  •  Full side insulated panels finished in 1.2mm stainless steel
  • Stainless steel adjustable height legs
  • Two heavy duty large capacity wire baskets with lid
  •  V type cold zone with easy lift arrester to dispose crumb
  • Turbo-tube Marathon burner
  •  Two separately Piezo ignition with full flame failure cut out devices
  •  Two separately thermostat control for efficient oil temperature control.
  •  Box splashback incorporates a top venting outlet.

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Brand:  Time

Model No:  GF-S

Weight:  50 kg

Dimensions:  460 x 800 x 1160 mm (H)

Power Rating:  60 MJ

Product Origin:  Australia


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